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Blink: a poetic novella

A fictional work that largely draws from Kalen's real-life experience with love, loss, alcoholism, and tragedy, Blink: a poetic novella is certain to bring its readers tears, laughter, and a lifetime worth of love.

Bone Deep

Done in the traditional "chap-book" fashion, Bone Deep is a 52 page volume is the hardest hitting and the most intense of Kalen's published works. Shocking at times and fiery throughout, Bone Deep is filled with the depth and intensity that has become a hallmark of Kalen's work.

Some Good F**k!ng Poerty

An uplifting volume of poetry, Some Good F**k!ng Poetry is filled with themes of empowerment and self-reflection, highlighting positive and negative aspects of modern culture, this volume, which pulls no punches when it comes to strong language, will leave readers inspired and invigorated.

Blessings for a Heart in Bloom

Inspired by classical poets such as the great romantics and an admiration for all iterations of human faith, Blessings for a Heart in Bloom focuses on spirituality and empowerment using positive and uplifting imagery to inspire hope and fortitude in the hearts of its readers. Featuring art by the talented Alicia Medina on its cover, and filled with awe inspiring affirmations throughout, Kalen's first book was the culmination of 5 years of self-reflection, inner work, and an incredible journey of personal growth.

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