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The man behind the words

Artist, author, poet, painter.

A lover of all things creative. Kalen Dion has taken his work beyond the realm of mere artistic expression and into the fields of philosophy, cultural commentary, and human behavior. Channeling his personal experiences with abuse, alcoholism, and mental health, his work strikes very pragmatic chords, making his expression accessible and relatable to an incredibly broad audience, reaching millions of people every day.

His earlier work, focusing largely on spirituality and faith, reflects his lifelong study of the many immutable and intangible truths of the human experience. His more recent work deals with his own recovery journey, life beyond trauma, and how to reinvent and reinvigorate yourself on the other side of addiction and abuse.

His upcoming books combine philosophy, spirituality, and his personal experience through the relatable musings that he has grown to be known for. Encapsulating energy and emotion that is common to us all, he uses his distinct expression and unique style of translating the human experience, giving voices to every feeling.

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